First Date – Guidelines

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A date, unless you are dating a girl you’ve never met, a classical phase of comfort and rapport building.

If a girl goes to a date with you, she is probably already attracted to you in some way.

During the date, what you want to do is to increase her attraction, and in addition to make her feel a deep connection and understanding with you. A date should include a kiss, otherwise you can’t move on with the physical escalation.

Now, your girl has probably been to many dates before, and most of them were boring and generic. So make your date together different!

Be Dominant

You are a man, and as we discussed, leadership and dominane are attractive male qualities. Don’t be aggressive, but you are the one choose what and where and how the date goes. The girl expects it.

Tell her: “Well, let’s meet tonight at 9PM, I will pick you up and we will go to a great placeI like…”

If you can’t or don’t won’t to pick her up, it’s OK, just tell her what to do.


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Thinking of taking your girl to a cafe? or some restaurant? Not on a first date.

First, don’t do something expensive, don’t bring flowers, because it feels that you are trying to impress her or to make her committed because of the money you invested.

Second, take her to a place where you can touch and kiss. A cafe usually isn’t that comfortable for kissing. Bars are better, for example. For dates, I usually prefer bars because it’s considered legit to kiss in a bar. The girl might even see other couples kissing and feel relxed.

Third, we said something special right? Another option to do is going on a unique date. What about buying wine and sitting on the beach? Or walking in the park? Or going to the theme park? Something unique and fun is a great option. It might be less comfortable to kiss, but you will both enjoy it a lot.

So, where do you take the girl? A bar is one option. A unique place or activity is another one.

Fun and Easy

The worst thing that can happen on a date, is that it will become more like a job interview. If you need topis to talk about, choose something fun. If you have some hobbies, it’s great.

Topics that are related with dating, love, friendship are great. Sex can be an excellent topic and can even make her feel horny, but keep in mind that sexually escalating here is not recommended. If you discuss sex, don’t make it related to you two. A great technique I use is talking about sex topics, just about gays. You can get really dirty, and girls like gay guys.

Kiss her

Forget about all those holywood films. A kiss at the end of the date is weird. Instead, kiss the girl during the date. In order to make it happen, you need to touch her during the date, to make her physically comfortable with you.

So, find the right moment, look in her eyes, and slowly go for the kiss. If she resists, it’s O.K. Forget about it, go back to your funny topics, and then try again. Don’t rush her. It’s O.K if she doesn’t want to kiss yet. Just try later.

Change Locations

A date in a single location can be boring – And we said boring is not good. Have fun in one place, and then move on to another. Make it feel as if you are having a long date, more like some seperate dates.

Changing locations makes her feel that you know each other for a long time, because she has many memories with you together.

2-3 locations during a date are great. You may begin at the bar, then go to eat some pizza, And then finish at some cafe.

What about sex?

Some girls will totally resist having sex on a first date. They were taught by society – their parents, their friends, books they read… That sleeping with a guy on a first date is being a slut. I have post that I suggest to overcome this.

Anyway, try to lead the girl to your place. If the date was good and attraction and comfort were established, you might be surprised to find the girl in your bed.

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